hi. i’m krista. i design & handcraft fine stationery cards from the stuff most people throw away. i love antique fabrics & tattered books, mason jars full of buttons & a messy/beautiful scrap heap. 

i suppose this love of vintage treasure began back in the 80s, in my hometown, in the antique shops on an illinois riverfront. with my mom & auntie, i would comb winding aisles past worn-out quilts and dusty books. and, even as a child, i embraced the story each piece told.

i still treasure those stories today and am excited to find the place where these sweet old bits intersect with your story. and your heart.

pendrops couture, cards with a re:purpose, are uniquely handcrafted of the following items:

vintage textiles
antique & discarded books
organic cloth
old buttons
second-hand jeans
100% recycled paper & envelopes

there’s something beautiful in the redemption of these old snippets and shabby bits. my hope is that something in the scrappy elegance of pendrops couture cards will inspire you as you speak words of life, grace and joy to those you love.