at pendrops couture, i don’t just make greeting cards. i operate out of a mission and a set of values that drives my passion.

mission is simple.

* create beauty and grace of old and discarded treasure
* support organizations that offer grace and healing to women and children
* inspire you as you tell loved ones how special they are to you

values are defining.

* you are of infinite worth
* earth is beautiful & i will work to keep it that way
* a debt-free business model is liberating
* integrity is vital
* customer care is essential
* imperfect is lovely
* grace is everywhere

giving is an honor.

(ten percent of your purchase goes to one of the following organizations)

bridges of williamson county
nashville rescue mission’s family life center
international justice mission
world vision

footprint is light.

* use only 100% recycled papers and envelopes, tree-free when possible
* handcraft each card with only antique, discarded or upcycled items
* dye fabrics with only natural food items like tea, berries, and wine
* seal cards in 100% compostable wood fiber wrap
* ship cards in recyclable and compostable packaging
* work with local and regional suppliers to lessen transit distance
* support the local economy and use USA-made products
* use only 100% recycled paper, reduced-size packing slips and receipts
* recycle responsibly
* create as little waste as possible --- everything has a use